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June 2014
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babygirl76657 [userpic]

Not really sure how I should be feeling right now. I'm beyp d exhausted. I'm doing the best that I can to stay focused on all the things that I have set for myself but to be honest it seems to be getti ng harder by the day. what am I to do? I'm fustrated.

Work is really starting to stress me.manly it is my coworker that is being a pain. She told me last week that she does not want me in her room because of my disability and thAt really hurt me to the point that I schedualed a meeting to go over my concerns with her and the principal. Meeting went well, but I feel that it is a meeting that should have never taken place. The coworker has a problem with my cerebral palsy not me. Today she yelled @ me about holding a students hand in the hallway. This student has a history of running. She was running ahead of everyone and so to get from running out of the building door, I caught her and held her hand. There is no way thatee I was going to allow that to happen. I feel that this teacher is doing whatever she can to try and get removed from her room. Trust me, if there was another person to teach sign language, I would have requested a transfer ages ago!" />

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