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babygirl76657 [userpic]

A new school year has started. I transferred, so now I'm at a new school and teaching first graders. I have 26 kids totally and 5 of them are my special friends. I have one that is the "mama" of the class. She has such a smart mouth for a 1st grader. She had the nerve to say that another student was getting on her nerves. What nerves, your 6 years old with no front teeth!

Yesterday, my co-teacher decided that on Fridays we are going to have a party for all the students that behaved throughout the week. She brought cupcakes, chips, fruit snacks, cookies, and juice. This is a nice idea, but all I could think about was, no wonder there is such an obesity problem in America. We are teaching our child celebrating accomplishments, must be done with food. What happened to the star chart and the losing recess if you miss behave? I'm sure all these thoughts I'm having are related to eating disorder thoughts, but that's what I truly feel. Oh yea, yesterday marked a year since entering IOP at Renfrew. Marked a year with crying over a cupcake....again.

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Hugs and love to you my friend you bring up some very good points I hope you have a wonderful year and that you learn and grow even more than ever before