babygirl76657 (babygirl76657) wrote,

wow no update this year...sorry my bad!!!

Let's see where to began! The past few months have been really difficult and traumatizing, to say the least. From Dec '11-May '12 I was placed on leave from work because a student told a teacher that I chocked another student. He did this because I kicked him out the room because he was being rude and disrespectful. He told a teacher and the teacher, instead of coming to me and talking with me to find out what actually happened, told the security guard and I was placed on leave and under investigation. From Dec.-Feb I was put on office work detail. Then from Feb-May I was placed at another school. I loved it at this school. Then on Feb 16th while leaving work, it was storming and there was a cone blocking the accessible walk way. I tripped and fell and in the process I hit my mouth on a middle pole and knocked out my four front teeth. The school board din't want to pay for the dental work and dragged their feet when it came to getting them fixed. So I ended up paying for it out of my pocket 1,450. The investigation was completed and I was cleared of any wrong doing and the coworker that lied was fired, and the student was expelled. I returned to work and to my students. Then on May 16th, I was shopping and I was hailing a cab and a car backed over a curb and hit me. my left thigh was bruised really badly. I hurt my neck pretty bad. I thought that if I attend physical therapy and did everything that was asked of me, things would be better. But I learned yesterday that, isn't the case. My neck injury is a lot worse then what I thought. A muscle is out of place and I now have arthritis in my neck. I feel that no matter what I do, I will never be able to catch a break. I truthfully want all this pain to end because i am getting so tired of fighting. :-(
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